Day 26

love, tkl

love, cll


  1. ho, hum, all in a day's work. cheer bright clean does what that frisky little brit says it will! and it smells soooo fresh, too. snuggles dryer sheets, well, they smell like home.

    the bulldog's head opens up. he holds our loose change.

  2. Uggggggh... the dreaded laundry. I'll wash all day long, but I hate folding. I like putting clothes away... it's just the folding. The bulldog head is such a cute idea!

    My picture is of my new dining room! Fresh paint, new hutch from Santa Lalla, and new chandelier finally purchased and put up. The only things missing are the lightswitch plates... currently drying their coat of brushed bronze spraypaint to match the chandelier.