Day 25

love, cll
love, tkl


  1. i've been wanting to deep clean the house for a while now... i'm inspired!

  2. Are you tablescaping with those lovely items? I spent 2 HOURS scrubbing the countertops last night. 2!!! I HATE WHITE LAMINATE COUNTERTOPS! I want to be rich and get them replaced! (Just a little taste of what I was muttering to myself as the fumes hit me...)

  3. the vase was a lucky find at target that i snatched up in .05 of a second for $14.99, which was worth it when i spotted the butterfly attached to the side. the candle holders are... actually, they're from target, too! i love them because they're actually heavy glass instead of plastic. and the candles have a pretty fluted texture, but they smell like baby powder, which wasn't nice with our thanksgiving dinner! (that's what i bought them for originally.)