Day 41

Big Sister Creeper Clown love, Teej

Kitty stash uncovered. Love, CLL


  1. So, the background story: my grandpa in Texas mailed one of these porcelain clowns to my sister and one to me for a Christmas gift one year a long, long time ago. In the past two years or so, when my sister was either living in the basement or living as a wife with her husband, she had her clown set up as a bed decoration in her old bedroom at my parents' house. As a joke one time when Carlton and I stayed in her old room, I took that clown and put him on the other side of the blinds in the bedroom so that he was looking outside, across the back yard.

    Apparently about a month later my dad saw the clown when he was mowing the yard. And a few more months went by before my sister and mom found him. It was creepier than creepy, that clown looking out over the back yard, just propped in the window sill by the blinds!

    Whenever Carlton and I stay at Kristen and Scott's house now, we play "Hide the Creeper Clown" and it's supposed to be somewhere creepy in Kristen's house, somewhere she'll find it after we've left, somewhere he's not supposed to be.

    Well, this year for Christmas my clown resurfaced after a lifetime of living in the box she was mailed from Texas in. And now she's in my house, on my guest bed, waiting for Scott and Kristen to visit and hide her later this month!

  2. Such a sweet story- I love it! Can't wait to hear where you find your clown!