Day 118

Enjoying the beach on Tybee Island.
Love, Sun-burned CLL


Day 117

At Kevin Barry's Irish Pub on River Street in Savannah,
celebrating little Anna's 21st birthday!
Love, her Sis-in-law


Day 116

On Thursdays, my 6:30 am workouts catch up with me around 2:30pm.
So I treat myself to a SUPER DUPER Publix Dr. Pepper.
Dare I say it is the best part of my week?
I dare.
Love, CLL


Day 115

More crafting for the Shower of the Baby Girl!
Love, Aunt Chels
P.S. Happy 18th!


Day 114

We decided the pups have outgrown their gates and can be trusted to roam the house at night.  Their beds are in our bedroom.  They put themselves to bed ALL THE TIME now.  Even at 6pm.
Love, Pup-Mama


Day 113

She might not fit, it is cozier than the floor.
She has a 21-hour quota of sleep to fill each day!
Love, Penny's Mama


Day 112

Banner for the Baby Girl.
Love, Aunt Chels