Day 14

love, tkl
love, cll


  1. That's a lot of leases for one pup! :) Do you color coordinate? I love the little table. Precious.

  2. well, the leash closest to the wall... that one was given to us when we got vespa. it was hard to open the clasp that connects to her collar so i bought the leash that's in the center. it's a self-retracting leash, which isn't allowed in her training/rehabilitation class at petsmart, so i had to buy a regular leash... and yes, leash number three matches a collar. the collar that matches the leash is eggplant purple (of course) and olive green paisley. another collar is red with white, yellow, and black plaid with doggy bones on it. and the last collar is lavender (yep!) with rhinestoes all around.

    the nesting tables are from ms. lori's store inside out! when she was closing the store and had everything on sale, my dad bought them for me. they're my favorite piece of furniture.

    the crystal vase was a first married christmas bonus gift from carlton. it catches the light in the afternoons, and works to hold our outgoing mail.

  3. rosemary is my favorite. i'm glad it's in the center! what a fancy-shmancy spice rack!