Day 17

Meh.  Close enough.  Love, "Chesley"

 Love, Teej


  1. The annual "snow day" thanks to a rented truck that actually makes snow and a really cool principal. The kids were going nutso! Holy extended recess break, Batman!

  2. It took me leaving my Christmas sheet music in the band room for the Christmas concert in 6th grade before I came around and decided I was okay with having a best friend for the rest of my life who had such a complicated name as yours.

    And that was a whole 5 months before I came around, give or take.

    Not really on the whole first paragraph there, but still. Your name might be atypical, but it's not that complicated. Come on, barista! Cute-ish handwriting doesn't get you very far in life. Learn a loyal patron's name already!

  3. That "snow day" is so cool!

    Is Chelsea really so complicated? Should I have been a Chelsey or Chelsie? Hmm... I do miss our Lalla and Lamb"breath" days.

    Barista was trying to have a good memory, I think, because she didn't even ask my name. She's not the usual one there when I go for my afternoon tea. I can live with a different name for a cup of tea.