Day 95

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. cook chicken in desired herbs or seasonings. turn stovetop heat off. set chicken aside to rest. drizzle small amount of flax oil over chicken for extra flavor, vitamins, and digestive eeeeeease (haha!!!). in the still-hot skillet, pour a big chug of white wine to loosen all cooked-on flavor from chicken. add in one can of green beans and toss with tongs until hot. EAT IT!

  2. i also couldn't wait for the wine that had been sitting on the countertop as decoration to get cold in the fridge, so i poured some over ice in my wine glass and carlton called me "soooo ghetto."

  3. p.s. this wine was very very good! i found it at trader joe's. if there's one around macon, you should definitely try to find it!