Day 94

love, tkl
love, cll


  1. Hub put a box on the back patio that had packing peanuts in it. Some strong breezes this morning blew it over, and all the peanuts are flying ALL around our yard. I found lots of them in clusters around the side of the house, floating up in the air. Scared Vespa half to death!

    (The wooden gate door opens up to the front yard.)

  2. How will I ever get these cleaned up?....

  3. That is a dilemma if I ever saw one. Too bad they aren't magnetic... would it be worth it to bring the vacuum cleaner out?

    A little something I like to put my thoughts in.

  4. I would love to read your thoughts! What sorts of things do you write? Movies to see? Books to read? I think I would only be able to write lists for myself....

  5. I'm just trying to learn more about myself... I feel like I've become someone everyone expects me to be and there is a true Chelsea screaming to come out!

    They have journals made for lists! Called "Listography"! How perfect for you! (hmm...)