Day 40

love, tkl

love, cll


  1. okay, this one is strange. every now and then this flag of a dark red wine glass flies over the front door of one of our neighbors. sometimes we pretend it's a small group of AA members who sneak a drink in this house's living room, or maybe that it's a "mommy & me" get-together. what do you think this one could mean? it's always fun to speculate!

  2. This is so unique and awesome! Love it :~)

  3. It makes me think of really religious people who aren't supposed to drink, but at the end of the day go home, close their blinds and sip on a lil' something! It also makes me think of wine tasting... maybe they fly the flag whenever they find a new favorite wine?

    Well, the downfall of Circuit City has turned into a craft project for me! The maintenance guys pulled the letters off of the building this week, and I left with two Rs and a C. The C is definitely going in my craft room. One of the Rs is going to be spraypainted and hung in our living room surrounded by pictures (possibly wedding), and the other R is waiting for suggestions! :) (hint, hint)