Day 19

love, tkl

love, cll


  1. Gorgeous flowers! Did you pick them?

  2. yes i did! the big flat leaves are from a bird of paradise plant that refuses to put out any full blooms, and the small leaves with fluffy stuff are from some really big bushes that grow everywhere out here. in the summertime, they bloom hot pink flowers that STINK, but now they're just fuzzies.

    um... is that... an... ultrasound photo? on your bulletin board? right next to a picture of us celebrating your engagement and your wedding invitation? huh? huh? HUH!!!???!!!???

  3. You lil' florist! It's gorgeous! I love the fuzzies!

    Yes... that is an ultrasound picture on a save the date for May 23rd- the due date of Andrew's cousin Holly's (my cuz-in-law's!) baby! She's having a baby girl- Hadley Vaughn Finnemore. Now I know why she wasn't getting smashed at our wedding! :)

  4. ok, just checking... i thought this might have been a hidden message from you!

  5. Hahaha... maybe in about 5 years! No way, though... I would HAVE to call and share as soon as I found out! No time to print pictures! :)