Day 11

love, cll ray

love, tkl jones


  1. Once again, I have to have a story... my picture was inspired by your Team Jones blog describing the new knitting projects you have been working on. Andrew and I made a New Year's resolution to spend less time in front of the TV and more time hobbying. Before Christmas, I picked up a sewing project from one of the blogs I follow. I splurged on some fabrics for my favorite ladies and have been getting to work. I have one of your fabrics and am still finding the perfect complimentary fabric... bet you can't guess which one will be part of yours! ;)

  2. Oh, and just as I was about to snap this picture, Kitty Bug jumped up and posed. I just had to inch the camera over to include my lil' top model. Plus, she is perfectly covering my project pattern... if only she weren't standing there, you could catch a glimpse at what will be snail-mailed your way!

  3. my picture was taken in the parking lot as i packed up the trunk from grocery shopping: "fresh & easy" is a great basics-only grocery store that carries only free-range, organic, natural foods with a few cheaters here and there (a few choice candy bars, 2 liter cokes, and frozen foods known by familiar brand name sneak in here and there. i've decided to shop there instead of our "kroger" equivalent because it's competitive, and lacks the junk i usually waste money on. and trader joe's, well, i somehow ended up with a $20 gift card about a year ago, don't ask where from. keep this place in mind when you want a good and different bottle of wine, or 6 pack of beer on the cheep. i got 4 bottles of imported rieslings for $22!!!