Day 15

 This can't be good, Teej

Crooked water bottle love, CLL


  1. So the Velveeta was almost room temperature and really gummy. The ceramic knife was working really well, but I was still using the handle as well as pressing on the tip of the knife to push through the "cheese" to cut it.

    Then my secondary hand slipped and I jerked it back up towards me. Don't ask me why. That's what did it. When I jerked my hand back up, I sliced my fingernail open and the blood just started gushing.

    I immediately yelled for Carlton to WAKE UP AND COME QUICK!!! I'VE HURT MYSELF!!! He was napping with Vespa in the bedroom (see: yesterday's photo) and got there pretty quick.

    I almost passed out and threw up, but held it back while the blood stopped. It didn't take long -- just a minute or two -- but it was scary to pull the towel back and assess the damage.

    In the end, no really bad problem. No stitches, no emergency room visit, no gushing blood that wouldn't stop. And I still have my fingertip thank goodness. I'm so glad I was using a really sharp ceramic knife because I really wasn't pressing down on the blade much at all. The fingernail is just chopped in half (gross). Which is totally not conducive to knitting. At all.

  2. Your pantry is beautiful. Were you perhaps inspired by someone els's? Some one whose name rhymes with Deej (from Full House)?

  3. Ouch! Not conducive to knitting OR counting out dolla bills.