Day 64

Love, CLL

Love, TKL


  1. Getting spoiled at work today... beautiful camellias from one of my co-worker's garden, and and an orange scone from another co-worker. Looks like I've got some cookie-baking to do this weekend :)

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I wish my co-workers brought ME flowers!!! Carlton's mom brought us a camellia bush a while back (it's not exactly in the ground yet, hehe), so I can't wait until it starts putting out blooms! I hope they're red like these are.

  3. I thought of you because of the red! The picture doesn't do it justice... they were a beautiful poppy red.

  4. Today, I learned the joys of rolling in mud. I was after a bug, and he thought he could hide from me in the ground... HA!

    Momma took this picture of me while I squinted at the sun. I thought I was in sooooooooo much trouble for getting dirty, but all she did was laugh! People can be so confusing sometimes.