Day 54

Love, Vespadrille

Love, Kitty Bug


  1. Today, Momma let me run around in the muddy back yard. I got to run, and jump, and chase squirrels and birds and even a kitty, all the way up a tree.

    Then we came inside because I was shivering too much. It's really cold out there!

    I accidentally got too excited when we came inside. I jumped all over the clean bedsheets Momma had just put on the bed, and then on the sofa (but who really cares about that gross thing) and then I ran all around the kitchen before she caught me... black Puppa prints all over the house! (Hehehe.)

  2. Vespadrille, I am in charge of keeping the pups in line at the Ray house. Luckily, I spend my days lazing in the sunshine as it moves through the house while waiting for my Momma to get home and let the pups out of jail. This is me in the sunshine alternating between watching those rascals play and begging Momma to let them in so I can beat the snot out of Budd! Sounds like your Momma needs a Kitty Bug to keep you from decorating the house in pawprints.

    (Seriously, Kitty rules the roost when the pups are in.)