Day 47

Love, TKL

Love, CLL


  1. Fabric rep came today. It's really already time to pick out 2010 Halloween fabrics? REALLY?

    The candy corn and argyle prints were cute, but the bears just about killed me over. So tacky... who is gonna use that stuff?

  2. I like the stars!

    Broken glass on our patio table... beer bottle sat out there for weeks until it filled up with water, froze and shattered. Andrew just picked it up this past Sunday. Why didn't I pick it up? Photo op in the sun!

  3. If you hadn't told me it was glass, I don't think I would have guess it... I was so confused! Is it... cedar wood shavings? Wood chips for the flowerbeds (how fancy)? Did Big A chop more wood for the fireplace?

    Nope. Exshploded glash, thankyouverymucsh.