Day 44

Love, TKL

Love, CLL


  1. Linda Heirs, the lady dressed in black and holding the quilt, made this quilt by piecing every single piece of fabric together by hand. BY HAND!!! She doesn't use a sewing machine for anything. Pieces sewn together to make each block, each block sewn to another, and then everything is quilted in a beautiful design... 100% by hand. Just about brings me to tears it's so pretty and soooooo very impressive!

  2. House of Ray covered in snow!

    Geez... that did a great job. By hand?! Seriously?!?!

  3. Ok, i just went back and zoomed in on the picture. WOW. That quilt is amazing. I tried to pick a favorite square, but I couldn't narrow it down between about 5 of them!

  4. UH, I know!!! She is absolutely AMAZING. You should see her fingertips, though. I think there must be a 1/4" of pure callous on her thumb and pointer and birdy fingers from all the needlework she does.

    I think could take having fingers like that if I could make what she does.