Day 17

Love, TKL

Love, CLL


  1. Leftover lettuce, near-expired cheddar and sour cream, leftover ribeye steaks. Oh, and leftover cornbread, too. Somehow, it was a delicious meal once everything was reinvented and wrapped in tortillas. The best part is that we emptied the fridge of the otherwise-untouchables.

  2. Long story behind this one: 2 of our neighbor's pit bulls got out of their pen Sunday morning, and at about 9am one was hit by a car. We were on our way to breakfast and saw the police outside with several of our neighbors, trying to see if anyone could get a hold of the dog's owner. Animal Control wouldn't come out, no vets would come out, no one was open! So we stayed by the dog for a couple of hours hoping the owners would come home. Poor thing was just writhing with pain in the ditch by the road. At about 1pm, we got him to roll onto a blanket and carried him up onto his owner's back deck under some cover since it started raining. I camped out in the sunroom watching and waiting for the owner to come home and hoping the poor pup was still alive. Finally, at 5pm, he got home. Andrew and I went over and helped him load the pup up in the car so they could take him where he needed to go. Poor guy was so upset and scared for his dog.

    Anyway, the next day, we received an update on the pup (hairline fracture on his pelvis and a few bumps and bruises- miraculous!) and a very sweet thank you card and pound cake. Meanwhile, we now know the people in 3 houses on our street and swapped emergency contact numbers for 2 of them!