Day 106 - 4.18.2008

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. The inside of Carlton's old computer.

  2. Dudes at Taco Mac celebrating Josh's engagement. Taking a Four Horseman shot that knocked them all to the floor. Yes, even Josh.

  3. Oh my gosh, we are missing out on SO MUCH out here in the desert. I LOVE that the guys got together for Josh's engagement to Callie. And I love all their expressions in this picture!

    Justin is just holdin' it back... holdin' it back... holdin' it back.

    Josh is smiling as big as he can to hold back the tears.

    Andrew's face is red as ever.

    Austin is thinking, "Will they still think I'm as much of a man as they are if I don't drink mine?"

    Mmmmmm, I miss my Sweetwater Blue.