Day 104

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. I don't usually wear my real rings to work anymore. They get very dirty in the glaze, and terribly beat up while I'm loading and unloading kilns. Plus, I'm paranoid about being robbed when I leave the studio as late as midnight sometimes. I've been working so much the last week, they've just been patiently waiting for me in my little handmade raku-glazed jar next to the kitchen sink. Stinkin' $14 WalMart gold band gets more action than the real things do these days!

  2. Growing up pups. (P.S. You can't deny that Copper is totally cheesing!)

    Your rings aren't too lonesome without you... they have each other!

  3. Oh, he's TOTALLY cheesin' it up. I love him and I haven't even met him! Will he someday be my Cherokee?