Day 81

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. A shot of the backyard progress. Our yard goes back a bit further, but we are going to let the back half stay wooded. The border of the hay is where the fence will be wrapping around! I can't wait to have a gorgeous fenced-in grassy backyard for my pups to grow up in!

    Please ignore the mop bucket and half-alive plants... I did not do any photo staging! Haha.

  2. P.S.
    Love love loooove the blog colors!

  3. I got the charcoal grill just right tonight, and it was hot! hot! hot! I took the steaks and zucchini off the grill before I realized I wanted that to be my TL picture of the day. My plate holder hubby wouldn't be patient enough for me to run inside, get my camera, put the food back on the grill, and take a picture... so I had to skip the "put the food back on the grill" part. Yummy!

  4. P.S.

    Your backyard is looking so great! Those pups will be romping around there in no time flat.

  5. (Let's hope they never figure out how to dig anything up!)