Day 76 - 3.19.2009

love, tkl
love, cll


  1. Vespa models her essential neckware: a sturdy collar adorned in jewels, feminine patterns, or pretty colors that compliment her furtone; a pewter name tag with her name on it and my phone number; her sunshine yellow "home again" identification tag that lets anyone know to take her to a vet's office or clinic which will in turn contact us if she is to ever get loose or lost. Some special pup treats are on their way to your very own little ones very soon!

  2. I love it! We got the same home again tags in a sample of frontline... both pups got the microchip put in, but I think I'm going to use these too.

    Penny and Copper had their first game of fetch on Thursday. They caught on quite fast to playing with the balls, as for the actually fetching... well, we will get there eventually!

  3. We have the microchip in Vessy, and she wears the yellow tag as well. Anything to be sure that if she is EVER lost, her finder knows she belongs to a loving home. I STRONGLY encourage you to have your pups wear their tags, too!