Day 62

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. Just a lil' project I've been working on... we found this jewelry chest in the attic above the garage, and it is perfect for holding my rubber stamps, paper scraps, ribbons, sewing goodies etc.

  2. Can you believe we've been doing this for over 2 months?!

  3. for real, yo! i love going back and taking a look every now and then at each day, and our comments. we're pretty funny creatures.

    carlton got a new computer game.

  4. Looks just like the cup collection on my nightstand Andrew is always nagging me about!

    What color are your walls? It looks so pretty!

    Is that really a game? I thought he was looking at a landscape picture or something.

    They have Chik-fil-a in Arizona?

    Is that a sonic cup, too? Mmm... strawberry limeade.

    I can't stop looking at everything in this picture.

    What picture is on your mousepad?

    I want to come visit so bad.

  5. He just got fed up with the cup collection this morning and purged them all into the kitchen trashcan or sink.

    The color is Ben Moore's Wet Concrete. It's a grayish-lavender, but at night with our yellow-bulb lamps on it looks like a purple-putty color which I love just as much.

    Yes, it's really a game....

    Yes, Chik-fil-a really is here! There's actually one about 15 minute round trip drive from our house, and coincidentally, there's one across the parking lot from my work studio.

    And Sonic is also about a 15 minute round trip drive. Mmmm, cheesy tots.

    My mousepad came in a fun package from MINI after I'd had her for about 6 months. It's tons and tons of tiny pictures of MINIs and MINI components.

    Round trip airfare is a mere $200... WHY NOT?!??????? (severe pup face)

  6. IS IT REALLY?!?!?!?!?!

    I do have a birthday coming up. And a husband who should consider what I REALLY want for my birthday!

    Even just a long weekend will do!

  7. Yeah, it REALLY is... my dad is visiting in just a couple short weekends! Lay it on Big A real hard and be sure he knows you wanna visit the desert! Don't fret, he can come out here too... there are quite a few microbreweries we could test out!