Day 4

love, cll

love, tkl


  1. 1st shot with an actual camera! :) I just threw all of our tree ornaments in a bag to sort later. I set aside candy canes for Andrew, but he ended up throwing them in the bag. One last cheerful holiday photo. :/

    Tell me more about your picture! Is this in your house? What room? Is that a damask wallpaper, fabric? I love the funky shape the reflection of the light has made on the lamp...

  2. The picture is of a lamp that is sitting on my drafting table in the great room. It's got a teal silk shade and a cool black/brown India-inspired base. My dad got me a set of two from the "Global" aisle at Target just before Carlton and I got married. It lights any crafting or sewing projects I may be working on.

    And the damask is a black/white wallpaper on one huge wall in our great room. I loved it so much, I opted out of wallpapering the master bedroom in it... I wanted to save it for a house, someday, in Georgia.